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Thank you for taking the time to be an integral part of this ADHD awareness project.We’d like to extend an invitation for you to reflect on your own ADHD experience and share it with others. This project has been a transformative and healing process for many of us, and we hope it can be that for you too.

Participating is easy! 


Step 1. Choose 5-10 questions to answer. Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

  • Tell us a little bit about your diagnosis experience. How has your life changed after the diagnosis? Any positives that came from it?
  • What advice would you want to share with other women with ADHD?
  • What’s one thing you like about having ADHD?
  • Do you have any go-to strategies, tips or resources for ADHD?
  • One piece of advice would you give to your younger self / to the you before you knew you had ADHD?
  • Favorite Strategies for staying organized?
  • What is your favorite place to go to feel calm?
  • What do you still struggle with?
  • What are 1-3 superpowers you have that most others don’t?
  • What’s your next adventure?
  • What’s your spirit animal?
  • Tell us about what you do for work and how you harness your ADHD to be successful.
  • What do you wish your bosses or coworkers understood about ADHD that would make your work experience better?
  • Who do you want to be in 10-20 years?
  • What does success look like / feel like for you?
  • Tell us one reason having ADHD makes you a great friend or romantic partner.
  • Any survival tips for domestic tasks such as laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning?
  • Any tips for food preparation, cooking and eating healthy?

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